Tre Twitty

Tre Twitty is Conway Twitty’s grandson. He may not sound like his grandfather and he may not intend it to be exactly like his grandfather. However, he can still manage to deliver Conway’s songs in a way slightly similar to his grandfather. Tre grew up surrounded by music, therefore, his love for it was intense. Tre performs his grandfather’s songs in order to make Conway’s legacy alive.

Tayla Lynn

Tayla Lynn is Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter who followed the footsteps of her grandmother. She is highly influenced by her father, Ernie, and her grandmother. In 2012 Tayla began her solo career. Her first album was “The Ranch” where she and Loretta collaborated for the song “Honky Tonk Girl.” Tayla has just released a new album on Heart of Texas Records, it is a tribute to her grandmother.  

Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn

Conway and Loretta are one of the few country duos who has placed a mark on country music. Their songs such as “After the Fire is Gone,” “The Letter,” “I Can’t Love You Enough,” and “Lead Me On” are just some of the duos classic songs that reached No. 1 on the chart. Tayla and Tre perform these songs when they pay tribute to their beloved grandparents.

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